a bit about my firm:


Candace Summers Music will make the choosing of your entertainment a purely joyful experience.  The reputation of this agency is built on fast, friendlyreliable service with an experienced ear towards the finest musical talents and a practiced eye for finding the most exciting specialty entertainment available, from across the nation. This agency has built its clientele in the Houston area for the past 25 years, although we are not limited by geographic boundaries. Past shows have been produced in Nashville TN, Pasadena CA, Washington DC, San Fransisco CA to name a few.  You don't know what a band requires as far as electrical needs, staging sizes, etc? Not to worry, all those details are handled with CSM.  There are many agencies who consider their job to be finished as soon as the contract is signed. CSM is known for attention to detail through the day of performance, to be certain everything runs smoothly the day of your event.



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